Why a Functional Medicine approach?

From our own experiences and that of our clients/patients, the Functional Medicine approach is one that can accomplish great strides in helping someone determine why they have a health problem. It is a team effort requiring all parties to participate in a patient’s collaborative health journey. It is the medicine of “WHY?”

So why do you have that health crisis? Where is it coming from? How can we resolve the problem at the root cause(s)? The one thing that draws people to Functional Medicine is because often it is their first glimmer of HOPE!

What can I expect on the first visit once I come on board?

One of the most important pieces to your health status is to consider your life story, we address and identify potential lifestyle and environmental factors, and we identify and organize each client’s internal and external imbalances in consideration of how and why these events may be occurring.

How is a Functional Medicine approach accomplished?

We utilize functional medicine tools, such as the Organic Acid Test, genetic testing, functional foods (i.e., therapeutic effects on nutrition), lifestyle (i.e., exercise, relationships), and environmental factors (i.e., toxic exposures to everyday products), stress management and mind/body connection (i.e., prayer, mediation) along with nutraceuticals, herbs, and homeopathy when necessary. We take a systematic approach by considering seven biological systems in which core clinical imbalances are found. We then take all this information and create a client-centered action plan that is constructed to meet your needs.

Is there a way I can ask questions with a practitioner before I apply for the cornerstone program or membership?

 Yes, there is. Schedule a 15-minute free discovery call. You will need to complete a one page intake form and then set up a 15-minute FREE consultation by utilizing our scheduling calendar or by calling our office. We will take this time to briefly discuss your main concerns and to see if we both feel we will be a good fit for each other. Please be advised this is a free 15-minute appointment so when it is time to end the call this does not mean we are not interested in helping but instead we have allotted this time in our very busy schedule. If you need a longer session you can opt to do a longer session which is a charged fee. Please see our pricing options under pricing.

May I email or text for support between consults?

Yes, if you are a current client whose question is urgent then you may send an email or call the office. If your questions are more extensive, we ask you to set up a 15-minute call to get your questions answered. Please keep in mind if it is more than 15 minutes there will be an additional charge. You may email at no extra charge if your questions are at a minimum. It is important to us that your immediate needs are being met. So, try to come with written down specific questions so we can cover as much as possible in that 15 minutes. IF the matter is URGENT and you need to speak to someone regarding your treatment plan then please do not hesitate to call.

*If this is an emergency situation go to the nearest emergency room or call an ambulance.*

How long before I will see results?

This depends on several things, such as the severity of your health concerns, your commitment to comply, and any adjustment to the plan we will create initially. Functional medicine is not an exact science, sometimes we have to regroup and begin again. The reason is that no one knows how someone will respond to treatment, therefore there may need to be adjustments along the way. When a client follows the nutritional/lifestyle protocol you may start seeing improvement in only 1 to 10 weeks, but it can take longer. Again, this may depend on the complexity of the issues at hand and most definitely compliance. Keep in mind, it was a process to get you where you are, and it will be a process to achieve optimal results.

How many appointments will it take to conclude my plan of action with the clinician?

Typically, one to three follow-ups to help get you on the right track. The follow-up visits will provide you time to ask questions and/or address any concerns you may be having with the initial protocol. In addition, sometimes the initial protocol may need to be adjusted. We offer different terms again depending on the person’s needs. In addition, it is typical to recommend follow-up labs so this also may determine the length of time needed. Depending on your progress or setbacks more work may need to be done.

Are the clinicians trained on specific diets?

We are trained in a multitude of diets and lifestyle plans; I will list a few below. In addition, because of the critical aspects of how important the “right” nutrition is for maintaining and restoring health a whole food healing protocol utilizing the power of foods is a critical part of building a good and healthy foundation for lifelong positive results. For example, the GAPS (addresses leaky gut, gut flora imbalance, and nutrient deficiencies), Paleo/AIP (from weight loss to autoimmune), SCD (specific carbohydrate diet- for aiding gut healing), Ketogenic Diet (used when the body burns energy from fats instead of carbohydrates and was originally used for kids with epilepsy), FODMAP (mostly digestive problems), the Mediterranean diet (lifestyle – overall health and by far the most studied diet across many health problems) and many more options but definitely a whole food, nutrient-dense diet, free of environmental toxins is very important. The key point is to address the individual’s needs when it comes to any specific diet for healing and one that will be supportive of the individual’s lifestyle changes. We may not use any one nutrition method; again, this depends on the individual person’s needs and these needs may change over time

What can I expect to see if I decide to obtain the functional test?

A functional test can cover a vast amount of critical information regarding the state of health your body and brain are experiencing. These are individualized testing options that consider the metabolic function of the body. They are basically utilized in practice as a roadmap to help guide the client and practitioner to resolving critical insufficiencies that may be occurring on an individual biochemical level. The lists of testing options vary and can be discussed during consultation.

How long does it take to get the lab test results back?

Obtaining lab test results can take from 2 to 6 weeks.

How does food have anything to do with mental health and/or addictions?

The first thing we have to consider is that FOOD is the foundation of HEALTH! It is what makes all our internal clocks tick per se. Without it we cannot exist, so why would it not be the most important foundational factor in both our physical and mental health? However, while some foods can be useful for one person they may end up being poison to another. This is why our approach is critical to “un-root” possible sensitivities that may be wreaking havoc on the individual’s entire ecosystem. Food is the substance used to provide a nutritionally sound working internal environment to maintain, establish and restore one to optimal health. Nutrition supports immune system function, neurotransmission regulation, and an ability to heal the gut – which is often found to be essential in brain health. It provides energy, dampens and eliminates inflammation, reduces the risk of physical problems, and supports sleep. But, it can also hinder sleep and cause other concerns.

What does a Functional Nutritionist do?

I think we can all agree that “Diets” do not work! A functional nutritionist sees beyond a “diet.” They do not put a person into the typical box that is designed to only address symptoms. We want to know “why” you are having those symptoms so that we can develop a personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan to resolve symptoms and not just pacify the symptoms by covering them up. We use a biochemistry approach to help support and hopefully eliminate systemic problems related to diagnoses. We offer meal plans you can purchase or if you are in a program or membership the meal plans may be included but a functional medicine nutritionist does not create meal plans. We help you discover the nutrition your body system is in need of and work with you to initiate a change for prevention, maintenance, lifestyle, and health purposes.

What types of symptoms are associated with food and chemical sensitivity?

The following conditions are a partial list to provide you with an idea of how you may benefit from one of our cellular tests for food and chemical sensitivities. These conditions include; Joints (rheumatoid arthritis, muscle pains), Metabolism (obesity, diabetes, healthy weight loss, and thyroid illness), Respiratory (chronic cough, asthma, and sinusitis), Gut (IBS, diarrhea/constipation/bloating, gastritis, reflux, Crohn’s, etc), Skin (eczema, psoriasis, rashes, hives, etc), Neurological (migraine, chronic fatigue, ADD, etc).

Why do I have food sensitivities?

There could be several reasons, but a few of them may be your inability to detoxify, consumption and exposure to potentially dangerous chemicals in foods and in the environment, intestinal integrity being compromised, and immune deregulation resulting in some food particles not being recognized and therefore considered as harmful. Having food sensitivity does not mean you have to avoid the item(s) for the rest of your life in most cases. However, eliminating it for a time period may be extremely beneficial.

Do genetics play a role in my mental health and addictions?

The research that continues to be made available in the area of mental health is truly mind-blowing. There are potentially thousands of SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphism) and CNVs (Copy Number Variations) that are being linked to potential root causes of many addictive behaviors and psychiatric disorders. These mutations could be the result of an epigenetic factor. Nevertheless, the evidence of the impact on mental health and overall health is mounting exponentially. It is important to know genetics is only about 20% of the problem and epigenetics are about 80% of the problem.

Do you only work with people in your state and/or the US?

No, and this is the beauty of what we do. We can help anyone anywhere that is allowable in each state. There are no restrictions that we are aware of for our international patients other than time constraints which we are used to working around. Many practitioners are utilizing tele-wellness platforms to accommodate clients’ busy lives. It is an easy, affordable, and convenient way to engage with our clients on a one-to-one basis. We love it and so do our clients. We have an online Tele-wellnessplatform as well as in-person in Bradenton, Florida.

What if I need help paying for your services?

These three options are available to help pay for our services: 

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